The Best Wooden Water Rower

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The Best Wooden Water Rower

How hard is it to be healthy? Not hard at all, especially with a rowing machine by your side! As an engaging and cardio-and-strength combining piece of equipment, rowing machines are immaculate for total-body fitness.

When you think of gym/sports equipment, instantly the exercise bikes and elliptical machines come to your mind, that’s because they are placed at the forefront of any gym. Rowing machines are the diamond though, these machines are a great investment for your health and your home gym but why?

Rowing might seem simple at first sight but it’s one of the fullest workouts out there. According to the American Fitness Professionals Association, the rowing stroke consists of 65 - 75% leg work and 25 - 35% upper bodywork. It’s also one of the most friendly entry-level exercises, you can adjust the resistance, and is also low impact, meaning it doesn't put a lot of stress on your muscles. Learn more about the benefits of a rowing machine here.

Treadmills or other gym equipment would take up much space at home, that’s key for rowing machines, this can be folded so you store them away or proudly display them.

This post is meant to help you find the best wooden rowing machine for your home and narrow down the choices. We must say these machines are a little bit pricier than the rest of the market, these are not the typical low-quality material or design type of equipment, these are made with the finest woods and they are meant to be part of your home not only as sports equipment rather as a piece of furniture.

Best Wooden Rowing Machines

A unique style has given WaterRower the PlusX Award for its design and was also the only piece of sports equipment on display at the Design Museum of London. This company has been crafting the most beautiful wooden rowing machines on the fitness market for the last 30 years, selecting the world's finest hardwoods from the Appalachian Forest.

WaterRower Natural

The Natural is an aesthetically pleasing wooden rowing machine, built from sustainably sourced ash wood. The S4 Performance monitor accompanies the rower displaying insightful data for dedicated rowers looking to improve their conditions.

The WaterRower Natural is larger than some machines but does flip up to allow for easy storage if you want to save some space.

WaterRower Club

Like the Natural, this wooden rowing machine features the standard technology of the WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor and water wheel resistance, and it is built from the same solid ash wood.

The WaterRower Club is more of a commercial model, meaning that it is intended for gyms or fitness studios. But, if you like this one because of the color, the WaterRower Club will look fancy in your living room or home gym.

WaterRower A1

The A1 is a beautifully designed WaterRower with a discreet LCD built on it. Made from high-quality aluminum, the WaterRower A1 is the best option for an entry-level fitness journey.

An ergonomically molded seat and handle aid comfort, with adjustable foot-straps that keep your feet in place. The front of this wooden rowing machine is sweat-and-water resistant, crafted in solid American ash wood.

WaterRower Classic

This rowing machine sits at the high end of the Classic rowing machine collection by WaterRower, the Classic is an American Black Walnut rowing machine crafted to last a lifetime and provide stability.

The S4 Performance monitor is a major yet discreet feature of the machine as it records measurements you can share with the WaterRower community, these include stroke rate, time, distance, and speed.

If you want to find out more water rowing machine options, we invite you to discover the WaterRower Collection we have the best models for gym homes and even for commercials.