WaterRower Classic

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Rowing is going to be cool! Are you looking to buy a quality and natural rowing machine for your home?

WaterRower has developed the WaterRower Classic, which uses a unique system of dynamic resistance to be adjusted to the intensity applied by the user. Because it uses water to create the resistance, this machine is more natural in its muscle development.

The seat is ergonomic, durable and comfortable.

WaterRower is committed to the environment and only uses wood from sustainably managed forests.

Made from American Black Walnut wood, the WaterRower Classic is treated with Danish and urethane varnish to ensure a lasting finish. Wood is an excellent material because of its power to absorb sound and vibration, allowing for smooth and silent movement.

Not sure how to use or care for your WaterRower? Visit the official website of WaterRower – How to Row – WaterRowerHow to Row – WaterRower – which will explain everything about the machine, how to use it and its benefits.