About Us

PlayOffside.com is an online concept store offering a special selection of the world’s most desirable play and design products.

PlayOffside.com was founded in Ibiza in 2016 by brothers Arturo and Victor Gonzalez.

PlayOffside.com offers a growing and evolving catalogue of over 5000 references and yet every product is hand-picked and selected with care.

The PlayOffside.com motto is the Art of Gifting, whether that is to yourself or to a loved one. The founders believe that one perfect item is equivalent to 1000 average items. A true human should own few but meaningful items - items that can just as easily build a story as tell one; items that will last a long time if not a lifetime; those that can ultimately be passed to the next generation.  PlayOffside.com retails extraordinary everyday products with long-term value.

The items sold by PlayOffside.com contradict the conventional wisdom that more is better.