About Us

Play Offside is a concept store retailing a unique blend of design products.

Founded in 2016 in Ibiza, Spain, where we have two shops, we are now offering our curated collection online shipping from our logistics centre in Madrid only the most select design items sourced from throughout the world. We handpick every item and work only with manufacturers that satisfy our quality, price and design standards.

Our motto is the Art of Gifting, whether that is to yourself or to a loved one. We believe that one perfect item is equivalent to 1000 average items. A true human should own few but meaningful items - items that can just as easily build a story as tell one; items that will last a long time if not a lifetime; those that can ultimately be passed to the next generation.  We retail extraordinary everyday products with long-term value.

The items sold by Play Offside contradict the conventional wisdom that more is better. One item at a time, we can become better. Appreciate what you have, what you look forward to having, and enjoy your own unique rhythm.