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Play and Awakening Toys

As a parent, you are the guardian that must guarantee the best future outcomes to your children. It is a huge responsibility.

As all parents should be made aware, many research papers have found that the period of 0 to 7 years old is the time when a human mind is the most flexible and can learn as many things as it wishes. Its basically a supercomputer with unlimited power. From 7 years old onwards the learning processes in the brain are still ongoing but slower.

Therefore, you want to teach your children as many things as possible in terms of senses, intelligence, social skills, writing, walking, biking, playing, etc - Your child can learn anything and it is up to you as a parent to nourish his potential!

As a parent you must select from early on the most sensible, safe and enriching toys to teach your kids and enhance their great awakening. We present you a collection of educational toys which offers you superb baby gifts, teddybears, baby walkers, baby toy cars and many more product types.

We do not recommend you give your young child a screen (tablet, phone, or tv) until they are older than 15 years old (and even then...). Check it out for yourself but all serious research studies show child screentime is completely correlated with negative outcomes in the future of your child (health & wealth especially).

We only offer you physical quality, well-designed, safe play and awakening toys, so that your little one can have tons of fun whilst learning.