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Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of home appliances and products that express made in Italy by perfectly combining design, performance and attention to detail.

Their small appliances collections is filled with symbolic objects, icons that transform the space they occupy.

Smeg is a global brand. We are happy to be official representatives of Smeg and to work with the full collection. In our online store you will find the small appliances collection but you can visit their official website, and contact us for purchasing a large Smeg appliance.

At we love working with brands which create products that will last a life time. Smeg easily fits within our search criteria, and we are happy to offer you the possibility to buy a Smeg appliance online.

You will find the iconic Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine, Smeg Filter Coffee Machine, Smeg Coffee Grinder, Smeg Two-Slice & Four-Slice Toaster, Smeg Kettle, and the exceptional Smeg Citrus Squeezer.