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Today there are many different styles, but one of the classics is the teddy bear. They have accompanied us for generations and are still one of the most beloved animals among children, today we want to give you a few ideas of the best teddy bears we have found in the market.

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Whether it is to celebrate the arrival of a baby, a baby shower gift, or a first birthday gift, a teddy bear is the number one choice for a little one. You can’t go wrong with teddies. We want to share with you some of the best Jellycat Stuffed Animals for babies in this post.

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Did you know how teddies became famous and the all-time favourite soft toy of children? We tell you the whole story here. The famous Londoner Teddy bear Bartholomew, is a teddy bear designed by one of the most well-known designer of the World. The Jellycat Bartholomew bear, a tubby teddy bear full of softness and the perfect bedtime friend. 

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