The Best Jellycat Stuffed Animals For Babies

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The Best Jellycat Stuffed Animals For Babies

When it comes to finding the perfect cuddly companion for babies, Jellycat stuffed animals stand out as the best of charm and comfort. These plush creatures are more than just toys; they become cherished companions in a child's world, offering snuggles, reassurance, and imaginative play.

Teddies are always a good and safe choice for a gift when it comes to babies and kids. They are generally safe, and; you can’t go wrong with teddies.

Whether it is to celebrate the arrival of a baby, a baby shower gift, or a first birthday gift, a teddy bear is the number one choice for a little one.

Children find teddy bears comforting and think of them as their friends - so they’d find it easier to transfer feelings onto them. Do you know why they are called Teddy bears? It’s a funny and lovely story, which you can find fully here.

We want to share with you some of the best Jellycat Stuffed Animals for babies in this post, but before we dive into it, you’ll be wondering…

What is so special about Jellycat?

Jellycat is a London-based brand established in 1999. New additions are added frequently, and some are discontinued making some teddies rare and highly collectible with fans worldwide following the releases.

For your baby, however, it will become his or her favorite soft cuddle toy. They’re extremely huggable, slightly stuffed bodies they are gently weighted, which makes them easy to tote everywhere!

The name Jellycat was dreamt up by a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two together. The name was a great reflection of the design, and so it stuck.

Are Jellycat stuffed animals safe for babies?

Yes, Jellycat teddies are safe for babies. They’re tested, and each one is certified as meeting the requirements of the European Safety Standards for toys. We recommend checking each teddies product label as they say the age recommendation openly.

Our customers’ favorite Jellycat plushies

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear

This huge bear is one of the world’s most desired teddies from Jellycat Stuffed Animals. He’s a tubby teddy bear full of softness and the perfect friend to carry everywhere! 

Bartholomew was designed to be suitable from birth and become your child’s best furry friend or your best friend 😉 Children and adults have fallen in love with Jellycat Bartholomew Bear. Available in three sizes.

Bartholomew bear - (€27 to €55)


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Jellycat Octopus Teddy bear

A friendly octopus called Odell - she’s a gorgeous textured and bright animal that will play with your child and remind him/her of the closer connection they had with their mother. The Jellycat Octopus is suitable from birth. Available in three sizes.

Jellycat Octopus - (€25 to €102)
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Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Teddy Bear

Coming with the classic super soft beige-colored body and the usual long bashful ears and delicate pink nose - the bashful bunny from Jellycat is a gorgeous gift for newborns and birthday gifts. Suitable from birth. It’s the perfect teddy for boys and girls, available in six sizes.

Bashful bunny - (€18,00 to €220)
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Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Dragon Teddy Bear

Some dragons like to hoard lots of gold, but this one looks after your little adventurer! This flapping friend has snuggly fur, a squashy tail, and suedey horns and wings. Fly up to the clouds with a dapper dragon for cozy, mossy naptimes. Suitable from birth (not recommended to leave in a cot or crib). Available in two sizes.

Fuddlewuddle Dragon - (€29,99 to €88)


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Jellycat Dino with Backpack

The Jellycat Backpack Dino is the perfect companion for young explorers on their daily adventures. His backpack is not only practical but also stylish.


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The Jellycat Stuffed Animals are worth the investment. The quality of each product is consistent, and you’ll always see it in their designs and construction. If you want a high-quality and long-lasting teddy bear, we invite you to check out the Jellycat Plushies collection.