The Beloved Jellycat Bartholomew Teddybear

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The Beloved Jellycat Bartholomew Teddybear

Did you know that teddybears were named after U.S President Theodore Roosevelt?

After he refused to hunt a bear during a trip to Mississippi, "Teddy" is a nickname for "Theodore". When people knew about this from a cartoon in the newspaper, it became a popular story. Business oriented as the US citizens are, a store owner in Brooklyn made a stuffed toy bear and called it "Teddy's bear" since then, it has been shortened to teddybear and they have been an all-time favourite among children and adults.

If you love teddybears, you're officially an arctophile - a Greek word to describe bear lovers, arctos (meaning bear) and Philos (loving).

The famous Londoner Teddybear

Jellycat is one of the world's most well-known stuffed animals designer and manufacturers. Among many other succesful designs, Jellycat has designed one of the most beloved stuffed toys among children and collectors, the Jellycat Bartholomew bear, a tubby teddy bear full of softness, the perfect bedtime friend. 

Jellycat Bartholomew Huge Teddy Bear

This huge and soft teddy is crafted to be suitable from birth and become your child's best friend. It comes with a traditional look, has toffee coloured fur with a chocolate brown nose; and has beans in his bottom and paws letting the large Bartholomew bear sit and pose. It also exists in a very large size, also known as Jellycat Bartholomew huge.

Jellycat has been creating original and beautiful stuffed toys in London since 1999, and they continue to combine luxurious fabrics with some of the quirkiest designs.

If you like the beautiful Jellycat Bartholomew bear, check the Jellycat Stuffed Animals Collection.