Velvet Child Ball Pool 90 cm Diameter Available in 5 Styles

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Gorgeous velvet ball swimming pool - the perfect design set up for your child room. Swimming pool sold with 200 balls. Usually recommended for children of 6 months or older.

Velvet has the peculiarity of being very soft and can have a difference of hue with changing reflections depending on the orientation.

The new indispensable toy of your child, this ball pool will develop the motor skills of the smallest and become growing his favorite game.

The swimming pool, with its contemporary style and the range of colours offered, will fit perfectly in your living room as well as in the rooms and playrooms of your toddlers.

Available in 5 Styles: Marble, Soft Beige, Grey, Pink, Lila

Its soft foam is naturally deformed with every passage of your child to allow easy and secure access while resuming its pretty shape instantly. Swimming pool has a removable cover washable at 30 ° (velvet), dry laundry prohibited.

The child ball pool comes 200 LDPE CE certified and non-toxic balls measuring 7 cm in diameter made 100% from recycled fibers and 100% recyclable.

Choose by lot of 50 your 200 includes balls colours by letting us know after purchase: Pearl Pink, Ruby, Silver, Light Gold, Mermaid, Metallic Green, White, Transparent - - Othwerwise, we will include our standard selection for you.

Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 6 cm (diameter x height x thickness)