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RS Barcelona

RS Barcelona is a designer and manufacturer of theworlds  most beautiful and luxurious Ping-Pong tables and Pool Tables we know.

RS Barcelona manufacture everything in-house, creating products with a lot of attention to detail that will last during generations. They have their own design and manufacturing teams, so they are able to truly get down to the finest details when creating a new product.

The foosball tables are Spanish style of Play, but the Pool Tables and Ping-Pong Tables are international (if that is a style...) and very beautiful - we can't say it enough. At Play Offside we use them a lot in our projects, and all our clients have always been very happy. We love RS Barcelona.

If you are looking for a luxe Ping-Pong Table or Pool Table, for both indoors or outdoors - then look no further, RS Barcelona is made for you.