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Misioo products are available at Play Offside. We are honoured to be able to work with this innovative company, which quickly established itself as the world leader in designer ball pools.

Misioo is also the only brand that owns the patents guaranteeing you the purchase of an Original and certified quality product. Misioo has often been copied but never equalled. The products are designed in France, Denmark, and Poland with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Children love to play with colourful, rainbow-like objects, but Misioo has also opted for the refinement of its collections to match parents' decorations perfectly.

All Misioo products are made in Europe, and more speficfically in Poland. They are manufactured exclusively with materials suitable for children CE standards, EN 1176, Oeko Tex and BPA Free.

The new favourite playground for kids and adults! Removable, washable, comfortable, INDISPENSABLE!