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BERG is a designer and manufacturer of trampolins and push and pedal cars for children.

They have more than 30 years experience in this segment and truly offer some of the best products we know about. 

They are aligned with our values here at because their moto is less but better. Products made from quality materials, safe and esthetically pleasing.

When BERG develops new products, they not only take account of the design, quality and use of the products, but also consider the impact they will leave behind on the world. Their starting point is to take a circular approach. They not only take a critical look at the impact of the production and the use, but also consider the waste flow which will originate when the product can finally no longer be used. This helps them narrow and focus on the basic, and create lasting products which are super fun to use!

They also partner with top automobile brands to create memorable child experience, for instance, if you are looking for a BMW Pedal Car for your child, then BERG is the place!

BERG are leaders in innovation. They count an experienced team of designers and engineers who work daily on updating and improving their products. Leveraging innovations in technology, quality, safety, ease of use and design, BERG products constantly improve in function, ease of use and appearance.