Official BMW Pedal Car for Children 2.5 to 6 Years Old

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Incredibible collaboration between BERG and BMW to create this Official BMW design Pedal Car for Children from 2.5 to 6 years old.

The recognisable grille, headlights and spoiler turn this go-kart into a real BMW.

The wide rims with EVA tyres offer grip and comfort. Pedalling this beautiful Pedal Car is really light due to the bearings and direct-drive and the lowered seat turns the drive into an unforgettable, BMW experience. It can hold a child or weight of up to 40kg.

The steering wheel soundbox rounds it all off. The practical details have been well thought out too. The seat is easy to adjust into 4 positions, the tyres are quiet and won't puncture. It is also easy to carry due to the handle integrated in the frame. BMW makes driving cool and this design pedal car now offers this experience to kids too.

Dimensions: 98 x 59 x 58 cm (length x width x height) - Weight: 9.7 kg