Pure Football Table Luxury Design in Basin Form

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With its surprising design, the Pure football table proudly exhibits itself. Indeed, it is an integral part of the decoration whether in the living room, the mezzanine or the playroom.

Although foosball is more of a traditional male object, the Pure design foosball succeeds in seducing women. All you have to do is enjoy your design table foosball.

So take the handles of foosball, roll the ball and give the commitment to a game of foosball for a moment of sharing and conviviality; fun for young and old alike … who will go back a few years.

This beautiful football table is numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled. It has an official competition pitch. The frame is handmade in France from solid oak wood for legs and top. It has chromed, dawn steel telescopic bars, diameter 15mm. The pitch enjoys a centralized balls return and gerflex covering.

The players are in chromed aluminum screen printed which allow a play of the head. The heel worked with laser for a better grip of the ball. The series handles: mid-length; with soft grip rubbers (non-slip and anti-perspirants). The abacus: mechanical. The goals made from high-end brushed stainless steel, and the football table is mounted on cylinders for leveling

    Dimensions: 169 x 93 x 98 (length x width x height) - Weight: 90 kg

    It comes with 11 cork balls.