Football Table 200 Petiot

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The PETIOT 200 football table is the "little brother" of the Baby Monnayeur Café. With its slightly slimmer lower body, it is equipped with the same standard features.

This beautiful football has removable solid beech legs with strong crossbars for high stability, and long-lasting soft and silent interior shock absorbers. The handles are round black, and the field is green. The players are black and white. For indoor use only.

Dimensions: 155 x 98 x 90 cm (length x width x height) - Weight: 90 kg

Solid beech cabinet, top opening. Hand-decorated aluminium players, screwed on stainless steel bars. Steel bearings external shock absorbers springs and aluminium hexagonal nuts. Heavy-duty nylon pads on side panels and bar ends, eliminating metal to metal friction - Handrails - Gerflex mats.

Delivered with 5 balls and a bottle of Vaseline oil - 3 year guarantee.

Handmade in France from the highest quality French manufacturing.