Dexterity Game Woodman

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A very smart dexterity game for cool heads and steady hands! Do not shake!

Concentration and skill are needed for this attractive and ingenious game.

How to play this dexterity game?

The coloured wooden cylinders which are piled high have to be pushed out of the frame using the wooden rods. But be careful: Nothing can wobble or slip, or it’s the next player’s turn.

Great fun for children and adults - a perfect family game.

Recommended for children 4 years and over. To be played between 2-4 players. Included comes 1 playing frame, 50 wood cylinders, 4 playing rods including game instructions

Made from solid wood, the playing rods are painted in colour.

Dimensions of playing rods Length: 5.5 cm, Ø from 10 mm to 25 mm, dimensions of playing frame: 14 cm x 22 cm x 5.5 cm