Blackball Contemporary White Design Football Table

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The luxury design football table Blackball is a generator of emotions, pleasure and fun.

Whether you are a lover of the game and the pleasure it will bring you with friends or family, or whether you are conquered by the object and its decorative dimension which will allow it to fit in with honours in your home, this is a beautiful moder object.

This beautiful football table is numbered, guaranteed, certified and labelled. The table structure includes a competition-approved playing area, a metal frame structure with anti-rust treatment, reinforced interchangeable thermoformed ABS shell, 15mm stainless steel bar, inside and outside with teflon coating, double thermoformed basin, central ball return, integrated in the bowl, gerflex coating, and chromed steel hardware.

The pitch is in mint green.

The players come in chrome-plated aluminium with laser-frosted foot for perfect ball grip and screen-printed.

The telescopic handles are available in 2 options: Long, Round - and 2 grip colours: White, Black - In both cases they are chrome-plated aluminium handles with soft grip rubbers (anti-slip and anti-perspiration)

The goal bowls are treated in high-grade stainless steel.

The score counting is done by automatic detection (electronic sensors), counter also tactile.

This beautiful contemporary design football table is delivered with 1 set of 11 cork balls and 11 black and white balls, a maintenance kit (cleaning spray, microfibre cloth, oil bottle), the playing rules, the assembly instructions and the installation kit (tools supplied).

Dimensions : 175 x 86 (110 handles included) x 94 cm (length x width x height) - weight: 120 kg

This football table can be customised and adapted with many accesories and details. If you are looking for a special custom project, perhaps with a glass top, or bluetooth sound, or LED lighting, and many more options, please do not hesitate to contact us.