Balmoral Champion Wooden Pool Table 7 English Game

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Balmoral Champion Pool Table is the home version of a professional pool table.

It comes without the coin operator, and is the English domestic and competition pool game.

Elegant design and classy joinery. Its solid wood legs and lacquered veneered mahogany wood finishes recall the tradition of billiards. The quality of its materials enriches the environments and premises where it is installed.

The color is lacquered mahogany wood with a blue cloth playing area. Other cloth colours are available, just contact us for anything at all.

This beautiful pool table is a great work in wood with natural rubber bands of maximum precision. Its diamond-ground high-density slate, its multi-point metal levelling system and its super-resistant frame give it beauty and quality. But it also offers great precision and playability to bring the best pool table to the most elegant of interiors.

It includes 4 Atlantic cues, 1 Turin cue card, 1 box of 12 Master Blue chalks, 1 box of Summum Casino balls, 1 Pool 51 triangle

Dimensions: 122 x 214 cm (width x lenght) - Weight: 240 kg