The Iconic Moustache Bold Chair by Big Game

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The Iconic Moustache Bold Chair by Big Game

If you have been running around in circles trying to find the perfect modern chair for your home, behold the Bold Chair from Moustache - sometimes also called Big Game Bold Chair. This contemporary designed chair has the power to add a bold coloured tocuh to any room.

The Moustache Bold Chair was designed by Studio Big Game and is beign produced by the French Manufacturer Moustache. It is a colourful curvy chair that look like the modern version of the Bauhaus classics. The Moustache Bold Chair is available in thirteen colours.

Iconic Moustache Bold Chair by Big Game

They are made out of two bent tubular parts embedded in each other. The metal tubes are covered with a thin layer of polyurethane foam, held together by a textile cover. The polyurethane renders the Moustache Bold Chair very comfortable (without a cushion!) and resistant to daily use. A removable fabric cover gives the exterior colour a convenient solution for cleaning the chair, and if your cover is really dirty and cannot be cleaned anymore, you can simply order a new one.

New Home Vibe

Big Game's work is often charming and useful. They created the bold series, alonside the Moustache Bold Chair, the Moustache Bold Stool and the Moustache Bold Bench to express their love for design. The newest addition to the collection is the Moustache Extra Bold Armchair, following the concept of simple lines made out of tubes and their iconic colourful looks.

As a testament to its unique design and amazing reputation, the Big Game Bold Chair is included in the collection of the MoMa, Museum of Modern Arts in New York, the Musée des Arts Décoratifts, Paris and the Museum for Gestaltung in Zurich. Not to mention the multiple awards this iconic chair has given its designers.

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You can buy the Moustache Bold Chair here.

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