Best Luxury Starfish Pool Floats For Summer

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Best Luxury Starfish Pool Floats For Summer

Pool floats are designed for relaxation and joy, but you may find uncomfortable or low-quality pool floats out there. Pool floats have come a long way from the ten euro floaties, and nowadays they come to serve dual purposes, they come not only as a floater but also as a puff, a hammock or as an outdoor seat.

This post will present you a list of the best luxury pool floats crafted with high-quality materials and intended to be more than just a pool accessory. These are not your typical and cheap plastic pool floats, if you value high-end crafting then these are for you.

The Spanish label OGO Furniture has roots in the Islands, they are continuously crafting the best luxury pool floats and outdoor furniture, all their works takes inspiration from the islands’ nature to create a summer vibe furniture for your home. All of their pieces are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so it can be a beautiful decorative object during winter that will surely get you compliments, and most importantly, visual pleasure.

One of their best-selling pool floaters are the Starfish Pool Floats, they come in three sizes and currently seven colors to choose from. They are suitable to be an outdoor seat to chill by the pool or be thrown into the water, as the fabric ensures the floats dry quickly and its star design makes it easier for transport and storage.

At, we are proud to have OGO as a main partner, the relationship has been going for five years now, providing luxury resort-quality pool floats for our residential clients as well as commercial businesses creating the most magical experiences.

Luxury Starfish Pool Floats by OGO Furniture


These Starfish Pool floats are the perfect idea to set a social gathering environment around the swimming pool. You can sit and share it with others while enjoying the best sunny days of the year.

Starfish Pool Float

This is the smallest pool float from the collection crafted with waterproof 3D Agora textile. To dry it quickly when not inside the pool.



Dimensions: 27 x 145 cm - 10.6 x 57.1 inches - (height x diameter)

When buying a pool float you should be looking for details that will make you feel like you are floating. Before committing to a pool float, double-check its size.

Starfish XL Pool Float

If you are looking for a comfortable option, the extra-large starfish has room for tall adults.


Dimensions: 27 x 145 cm - 10.6 x 57.1 inches - (height x diameter)

Starfish XXL Pool Float

This is the best option if you want to spend a pool day with your family, the giant starfish has room for an adult and a child. The huge starfish is also the best option for taller people looking for a more relaxed pool float.


Dimensions: 35 x 180 cm - 13.8 x 70.9 inches - (height x diameter)

Though their sizes, these floats are relatively easy to transport thanks to their convenient star design and the breathable fabrics. All the Starfish Pool Floats come in seven colors, and OGO continues to introduce more tones in demand and as the seasons progress.

You can check the new color called Savanne available for all or most of the OGO Pool Floats.

We recommend combining sizes and colors to create a warm and fun living area to share with your family or friends. If you want to upgrade your outdoor furniture, we invite you to discover the multi-purpose pieces from OGO Furniture.