The 2021 10 Best Design Toy Cars for Kids

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The 2021 10 Best Design Toy Cars for Kids

In 2021, we will be spending more time at home.

Our children will also be spending more time at home instead of going to play with friends or visiting the attraction park. How to best entertain your child at home? What toys bring the most creativity to children?

Car toys are one of the best toys for children to be entertained and help them develop a wide variety of skills. They will be super creative by creating tracks and roads for the toy car to drive on, obstacles to surpass and avoid, and of course they will be developing motor skills by controlling the speed, the distance and the direction of the car.

Toy cars are some of the best toys to gift to your child in this 2021. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 10 best toy cars for your kids.

Miami Turbo Racing Child Toy Racing Car

This amazing design child toy car is a decoration object just as much as a toy car. The design is inspired from the Formula 1 in the 80’s, when it was all about turbocharging to get more speed. Downforce was your only friend getting you around those fast corners alive. Unapologetic clashing colours, box wings, massive air ducts and extremely bold graphics sliced through what came before.

The Very Best Toy Car for Children

Laser Turbo Child Toy Car

Just as the Miami version, this color is more subtle and minimalistic. However, it has the good looking red color creates a confidence that was a tangible force driving aesthetics and pushing boundaries in the 80's. This child toy car captures the spirit and magic of the most infectious decade ever in Formula 1 driving.

Best Child Toy Car

Lorenzo Velocitá Child Toy Car

This kid toy car is inspired by the Formula 1 of the 1970's, when F1 racing was a dangerous, high speed game. Cars were fast, drivers were furious, and competition was intense. Rubber tyres, stream-lined shapes and vibrant, shiny colours make this one of the coolest cars they have ever made! Its miniature size is perfect for kids, but it looks equally striking on the shelf or mantlepiece too. A real collector's piece. Velocita Lorenzo is not only beautifully designed, it is built using the finest quality materials to last a lifetime.

A classic heirloom treasure that can be passed on and played with for generations.


Best Toy Car for Children Inspired by 1970s Formula 1 Racing Cars

Rufus Child Toy Car Racing Allonsy

This toy car has a streamlined shape with a geometric front and pointed 'ridge' on the bonnet top, smoothing out to a rounded form at the back, this car means business - and SPEED!

The colours are inspired by the French flag and inspired by the French re-emergence on the world scene under Emmanuel Macron.

Best Child Toy Car Inspired by French Colours

Luft Hopper Child Toy Car Inspired by Porsche 911 Targa

The Porsche 911 has always been a classic for any adult car lover or collector. However, you can now gift your loved one a little piece of this historical masterpiece. The luft hopper is a perfect toy car for any kid. Made from high quality materials that will last a couple generations.

This toy car can also be a decoration object.

Best Child Toy Car Inspired by Porsche 911 Targa

Luft Biba Toy Car for Children Inspired by Porsche 911 Targa

Best Child Toy Car Inspired by Porsche 911 Targa

Rufus Patrick Child Toy Car

In honour of our most loyal companions, we present you the coolest canine-driven racing car we have ever seen!

This design by Play Forever comes after their collaboration with Hugo Boss. They decided to create a car toy collection, and the result is fantastic.

In this 2021 we need love more than ever, and mixing your child toy car with your passion for cars and honouring your canine at the same time, seems to us like an excellent idea!

Best Child Toy Car

 Miles Viglietta Toy Car for Children 

Speeding through the hills of Tuscany, warm breeze on the open roads lined with lush vineyards and silver olive groves, this elegant design racing car personifies freedom and liberty: memories of carefree summer days and wild abandonment. Just what we need in 2021!

With a smooth, curved shape and sleek Italian styling, Viglietta is so much more than just a toy car – it is an object of beauty that can make memories; memories to be shared for generations to come.

Best Child Toy Car Inspired by 1920s Racing Cars

Best American Muscle Car Toy For Kids

An American muscle car make it bigger, faster, stronger. Detroit carmakers saw what the hot rodders were doing in the late 60’s and started bringing these ideas to the workingman. Steal a few ideas from Italian supercars and the muscle car was born.

Popular culture stole it back and has never let it go, badass rebellion and freedom. We can’t think of a type of car that gets customised more as people express their inner rebel.

With a brutally simple design, minimalist lines, lowered over some fat tires and built to be tough and last a lifetime with a beautiful shine. Be resilient!

Muscle Car Toy for kids

American Design Bonnie Freedom Toy Car for Child

An icon of American Freedom and Liberty, all packed in a small toy and decoration car. The perfect toy car to gift for all American kids.

Best American Design Toy Car for Child


Toy cars can provide children with hours of entertainment and help them develop creativity and motor skills.

Above, is our list of the best toy cars for kids.