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Silla Acapulco

The Acapulco chair sets a stylish and timeless design for your home.

It was first designed in Mexico in the 1950s when the era of the Pacific coast resorts took off as the favorite place for Hollywood stars and artists.

The designer found the chairs available at the time were too hot for the Mexican weather and designed the chairs using the traditional Mayan hammock woven style, allowing better air circulation around the body. Its iconic egg shape offers a gently reclined seating position. Make sure to check the chair's seat height as the Original Acapulco chair is lower, more for lounging than dining.

We recommend the Polanco Dining Chair, which is perfectly designed for dining. 

The high-quality materials make these chairs suitable for indoors and outdoors. Just make sure to keep them dry and you will share many years together.

You can buy online the Original Acapulco Chair, as well the Condesa Chair and the Boba Hanging Chair to add a tropical touch to your home.

The collection also includes chairs for the littlest ones at home. Check the Baby Acapulco chair and the Baby Acapulco Rocking chair.

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