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Heritage Bikes

Heritage Bikes is a French manufacturer crafting the most exclusive electric bikes. They took up the challenge of creating a unique electric bike.

The designer describes the Heritage Origin Model as a bike with two souls: the first is a resolutely vintage design borrowed from the old motorcycles, and the second is truly its blend with technology.

This unique electrically assisted bike is the result of a desire by its creators to use French excellence. From the conception to the manufacturing, the best craftsmen and even artists have given their best to create this electric bike.

Available in three models. You can integrate the Heritage 'sidecar' as the perfect bike accessory to transport children or your golf bags 😉

Produced on an artisanal scale with high-quality materials, the Heritage Origin does not compromise its quality.

You can buy the Heritage Heritage Origin Electric Bicycles Online. If you are looking for more options, check our Bikes Collection.

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