Best Police Toy Cars For Toddlers

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Best Police Toy Cars For Toddlers

You may recognize these police toy cars if you have seen a movie from Old New York City, the iconic NYPD Police cars with metallic blues, and the Black and White Highway Patrol from California.

It's hard not to fall in love with the timeless old-world car design. The classic Plymouth Gran Fury inspired the designers of these police toy cars, adding their unique touch to these cars.

Vintage Police Toy Cars

If you are an American classic car enthusiast, these are the best picks. We will take a look at these vintage design police toy cars.

Candylab Police Cruiser Car

Candylab is an American toy designer who has set itself apart from other brands by making wood their prime material. Their motto is simple: a wooden toy should be as attractive and playable as any other toy.

Candylab Police Cruiser Car

Following the concept that wooden toys are the coolest, they design the Police Cruiser toy car. A charming vintage police toy car that blends itself with a minimalistic design.

This police toy car makes the best gift idea for childrenCandylabs' goal is to embrace the imagination and creativity among children and parents, meaning their cars do not include batteries. You and your child are in charge of creating the narratives and having fun together.

This vintage police car will give a nostalgic feeling of the good days as a child.

The Candylab Cars are also the perfect gift idea for classic cars enthusiasts, as they are well designed to look good on a shelf or a desk. 

If wooden toys are not of your taste, don't worry— here's a similar police toy car in high-quality materials.

Playforever Heat Maverick Police Car

Playforever is a luxury brand from the UK, building toys to last a lifetime while having a timeless design. The designers understand the ethos of beauty comes from the best crafting.

Some of their bestsellers are the racing toy cars inspired by the 20s and 70s cars and the iconic NYPD Police Toy Car, the Playforever Heat Maverick

Playforever Heat Maverick

A beautiful police toy car inspired by the 60s, the Heat Maverick comes in four colors to represent different police toy cars. 

This Playforever Police Car makes the best gift idea for children. This toy will help your child develop motor skills and creativity. Playforever Cars are child-friendly, they never compromise details and security.

Benefits of your toddler's car affection

One thing is clear, toddlers have an obsession with cars, trains, and planes. If you have a toddler, you know they can get obsessed with some of these toys, but why is that?

Cars are familiar, they see them everywhere but, whatever is the real reason of your child's love for cars, we have to support them as parents. We can play narratives with toy cars, and we know these toys are beneficial for our children.

You want to teach your children as many things as possible to help them learn, from motor skills to social skills.

That's your main goal as a parent, you want to choose the most enriching and valuable toys for your child.

Wooden toy cars are a great way to develop your child's fine motor skills and stimulate their creativity. And, cars like these are not overstimulating for kids, the absence of batteries and remote controls gives them the opportunity of learning new skills while having fun.

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