Best Luxury Sofa Pool Float For Home

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Best Luxury Sofa Pool Float For Home

Pool floats are one of the best ways to get your friends or family into the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a chill time by the pool or prefer to get the whole family out for a fun swim, this floating pool sofa from OGO furniture can be an excellent option.

OGO Furniture pool floats come in many different shapes and sizes, making it possible to fit everyone in your family into one.

At, we want to offer you high-quality products that you or your children will love and treasure for many years.

Let us tell you, these sofa pool floats are not cheap, they were designed to last much longer than the normal plastic pool float you can get for 10 euros. OGO Furniture pool floats are wonderful as a gift idea or furniture you can use indoors and outdoors.

So whether you’re looking for the largest size or smallest size pool float available, we have some great recommendations for you in our Pool float selection.

Luxury Sofa Pool Float From OGO Furniture

Two things characterize the Don Out Sofa series: the most original of designs and great flexibility. During the day or the night, in and out, you can use the Don out Sofa from Ogo furniture in any setting to adapt to your needs.

They’re products that have been designed for you to play around with. Use it as an attractive and modern seat in your bedroom or patio. Separate the pieces to create different puffs in one or many colors.

This collection from Ogo furniture will not go unnoticed, the Don Out Sofa is a practical seat that will add a bold touch to your garden, living room or wherever you place it.

Ogo Don Out Sofa

The Ogo Don Out Sofa is a donut cushion with back support for by and even in the pool! The floating ability of the Don out sofa comes from the filling and not from the fact that they are inflatable, in other words… they’re indestructible

That’s the difference between these luxury sofa pool floats and the plastic ones you’ll find on the market. 

Don Out Sofa Pool Float OGO Furniture

These floats were not designed to be stored, BUT if you want to store them, don’t worry about pinching them. 

The Don Out Sofa has a special 3D Agora fabric making the sofa pool floats 100% breathable, drainable and pinching-proof.

The filling is 100% polystyrene, so it will be heavier in contact with the water. So, kids might need help getting the pool float out of the water.

Need a bigger sofa? We got you, the Don Out Sofa comes in two sizes.

Ogo Don Out Sofa XL

Use this resort-quality pool float as you want. Winter is not a problem for these pool floats to look amazing in your living room or any other room.


They’re available in 9 colors: Anthracite, coral, green, blue, mineral, smoke, sand, white, and the color Savanne!

Ogo’s Don out sofa is the perfect addition to your pool (or living room)! They’re crafted with high-quality materials to ensure their last. That’s why many luxury resorts and customers have chosen these pool floats.

We invite you to discover our exclusive collection of pool floats for children and adults. Find your favorite pool float style and color in our pool float selection.