Best Candylab Cars in 2023

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Best Candylab Cars in 2023

When you think of a toy car, what do you envision? Do you think of a plastic Hot Wheels vehicle zooming around a track? Or maybe a die-cast toy car? If you really want to get nostalgic, maybe you think of a wooden toy car.

That's right - before there were mass-produced cars made from plastic and metal, there were wooden cars. These toys are simple yet beautiful, and they have a long history.

Wooden toy cars are a classic toy that have been around for centuries. It is believed that the first wooden toy car was created in Germany in the early 1800s. 

These early wooden cars were simple in design and crude in execution. However, they were a hit with children and quickly became a popular toy. By the mid-1900s, wooden toy cars were being mass-produced and sold all over the world.

Wooden toys have natural, abstract, and artistic forms. The natural design expresses the essence of the toy, comforts the soul, and make us appreciate their beauty.

Toy cars are great for children because they help with fine motor skills, can be used for imaginative play, and are just plain fun.

Cars are one of the first toys that many children interact with. They can push them around, sit in them, or even just hold them. All of these activities help children develop fine motor skills.

In addition to developing fine motor skills, toy cars can also be used for imaginative play. Children can pretend to drive them or make up stories about where they are going. This type of play is important for helping children develop language and social skills.

Finally, toy cars are just plain fun! They can be raced around the house or played with in a variety of ways. Children often enjoy playing with toy cars more than any other type of toy.

Best Candylab cars

The best wooden toy cars on the market: We've rounded up the best Candylab cars for toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond.

Yosemite wooden RV

The Yosemite RV truly embodies the old-school adventurer spirit of Yosemite. A beautiful wooden toy car with a charming vintage design.

Candylab Cars are a big hit among toy cars. They'll keep your children busy all day without overstimulating specs.

Dimensions: L8.4 x W4.1 x H6.6 cm

GT 10 wooden racing car

The pure soul of a classic sports car in a mini scale. A beautiful wooden toy car with a charming vintage design.

Candylab cars don’t have batteries, so you are in charge of creating the story and making the sounds of the car.

Dimensions: L18.3 x W7.3 x H5 cm

Rio Grande Mule wooden truck

This wooden truck is a great toy for any child. Its solid construction and vibrant colors will provide hours of entertainment. The truck features realistic details like moving wheels.

Candylab cars benefit children by providing an entertaining, educational toy that encourages imaginative play. It is a durable product at an affordable price, making it a great value for parents and children alike!

Dimensions: L8.9 x W3.8 x H3.04 cm

Candycar B.Berry

This wooden toy car is sure to bring hours of fun for kids. It has a stylish design with realistic features. The car is made from high-quality wood and painted with non-toxic paints, ensuring that it is safe for playtime. 

Candylab toy cars encourage imaginative play and help children learn about cause and effect as they play with them. With its vibrant colors, this wooden toy car will make a great addition to any child's toy collection!

Dimensions: L9.27 x W4 x H3.1 cm

Organizing a toy car collection can be quite challenging, especially when you have a lot of models and limited storage space. But with the introduction of the magnetic garage, collectors can now easily manage their collections in an orderly fashion. 

If you already have Candylab cars, check the magnetic garage to keep them tidy and presentable daily!

In sum, wooden toy cars make the perfect gift for children of all ages. Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they are also long-lasting and great for sparking the imagination. 

There is something special about a wooden toy car that plastic can never replicate. And if you are feeling creative, why not make one yourself? After all, the best gifts come from the heart.