Why you Should have a Fancy Backgammon Set at Home

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Why you Should have a Fancy Backgammon Set at Home

Few games have such a long-standing history as backgammon, a game of logic, intelligence, risk, and tradition.

Backgammon is still a board game that can only be truly appreciated while playing with a friend or in a competition around a physical board. Even though online backgammon games are far more popular and convenient these days, they haven't accomplished giving the feel and enjoyment of physical games.

You might be wondering, why should I have a fancy backgammon set anyways?

When you are playing a board game with others and having a good time, a memory or two inevitably sticks with you.

You might even talk about it for the next day or week following, and they become memories we can potentially keep for the rest of our lives.

Bet you’re thinking right now of one specific board game you played with your friends years ago.

When thinking about buying a luxury board game, there’s a subjective point of view from players.

Some of them would prefer the practicality of the game and would choose a regular board because they simply want to play the game, but there are almost zero chances that this board will last many years with them.

In some cases, they would prefer the combination of practicality and aesthetics of the boards. They are looking to be more than entertained by the game; they want to create memories they can hold on to for many years.

A high-quality and unique design backgammon board can become part of your life and shape your playing experience and those around you.

These types of returns are immeasurable for your investment/spend.

This post will give some of the fanciest luxury backgammon makers designs that will live rent-free in your friends' minds (and yours).

The Best Fancy Backgammon Sets for your Home

 Manopoulos Backgammon Sets

 The Greek game manufacturer is renowned for producing spectacular backgammon sets and boards. What we like the most about Manopoulos boards is that they’re hand-crafted and unique.

Having a beautiful board at home will make it more attractive to new players to learn the game.

Their vision is to make you part of their tradition by creating a bond between you and their backgammon boards.


So, if you want your family or friends to play backgammon with you having a deluxe version of the game helps. Discover the beautiful collection of backgammon sets from Manopoulos here.

Jonathan Adler Backgammon Boards and Sets

If you’re into iconic pop art and modern design, then Jonathan Adler Backgammon boards are the best option.

 Owning a Jonathan Adler backgammon board can add joy to your day. That's because they want to create a luxe and chic interior that make you feel happy.

 With bright colors, unique patterns, and chic designs, Jonathan Adler Backgammons gives you a different gaming experience from the playing surface to the checker styles.

 What is the best about these boards? They are easy to carry on. You’ll want to take your board with you without worrying about losing pieces. 

Jonathan Adler Luxury Backgammon Boards Collection

If you’re looking for a fancy board, we invite you to check out a list of our customers’ favorites Jonathan Adler Backgammon sets.

The sheer quality you sense from deluxe backgammon boards, the sounds of the heavy checkers and the aesthetic of the board itself will be a memorable experience.

The elegance and beauty of these boards are sure to enhace any occasion and make new players fall in love with the game.

At Playoffside.com we love board games because it’s a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. We invite you to discover our hand-picked board games collection, where you’ll find beautiful chess pieces, poker sets, and more luxurious backgammon boards.