Best outdoor showers for 2023

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Best outdoor showers for 2023

Modern outdoor showers will make your patio or deck more inviting, they make a great addition to any garden. It’s a refreshing way to start the day, cool down after a hot day in the sun, or cleaning your boots, or wash a muddy dog. You name it!

Outdoor showers come with different designs, from basic free-standing models that attach to a garden hose to those with hot and cold water, rainfall heads, and multiple jets.

In this post, you’ll find the best outdoor poolside showers for your patio. If you’re looking for the best shower heads for hose to accompany you on a refreshing open-air experience, then stick with us!

The 4 best outdoor poolside showers

Fieldshow’r Outdoor Shower by Tradewinds

A luxe mobile outdoor shower from Tradewinds Atelier comes in a simple design and lightweight construction, allowing you to move the Fieldshowr from one place to another.

Fieldshowr Luxury Outdoor Shower Design Tradewinds

It’s easy to assemble and comes with an adjustable head shower, you can adjust it to rinse your boots or tools. You need to connect the Fieldshowr to a garden hose, and you’re done!

The Fieldshowr outdoor poolside shower is made from solid stainless steel, 100% timeless, and rustproof.

Serpertine Outdoor Shower by Weltevree

Slim garden shower for refreshing outdoor moments! The Serpentine outdoor shower from Weltevree is a lightweight mobile shower that takes little space, and you can move it wherever you want.

The lightweight construction of the Serpentine makes for a user-friendly outdoor poolside shower, it stands firmly on the ground, and you don’t need to secure it further. After the shower is assembled, all you have to do is connect it to your garden hose and enjoy!

This chic outdoor shower is 100% stainless steel, sun and rustproof. Even though the Serpentine has a slim design, the shower features a proper water jet like a normal shower head!

WellWell Portable Outdoor Shower by Tradewinds Atelier

A unique, space-saving outdoor shower that provides water from the base to keep you cool and clean during the summer months. WellWell is a new outdoor shower concept from Tradewins Atelier - spring water gushes from the earth upwards!

Wellwell Garden Shower by Tradewinds

The base is made from Robinia wood and features mat aluminum. A tap with your bare feet can control the water jet just make sure the water has a pressure of 2 KG minimum to create the wonderful upward cascade.

Cascade Outdoor Shower by Tradewinds

A discreet outdoor shower from Tradewinds atelier can be a great addition to your tropical house alfresco poolside. The acacia wood base planks are comfortable and friendly to bare feet.

You can effortlessly connect the cascade outdoor shower to a garden hose. This minimal outdoor poolside shower is 100% sun and rustproof and will provide years of maintenance-free satisfaction. You know what they say, less is more.

Although brass and stainless steel outdoor showers are expensive and more durable than lightweight PVC and plastic units, quality is always important. Keep in mind this when looking for an outdoor shower.

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