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Velocita Racing Car

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Looking for one of the coolest toy car?

This Formula 1 inspiration child toy car draws its design from the 70s Formula 1 cars.

This is an un-balanced designed car, boasting some of the thickest tires we have ever seen on a toy car. This 70s Formula 1 toy car is available in numerous colour celebrating the colourful decade which were the 70s in Formula 1 sporting.

As all PlayForever toy cars, this one is built using the finest quality materials to last a lifetime and ultimately be passed on to the next generation.

The age recommendation is 3 years plus. This means this product is safety tested and recommended for children that are aged 3 years and above.

Comes in four styles: Emilio (nº 8); Jean (nº6); Lorenzo (nº3); Jacques (nº1)

Dimensions: 150mm x 95mm x 70mm

Materials: ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.