What to give at Christmas to surprise and be original?

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What to give at Christmas to surprise and be original?

Find out what to give at Christmas to surprise others and be original.

What to give at Christmas? How can we surprise? What can be original? These are some questions that appear in our minds when the winter is close. As Christmas approaches, we all think about how to be original. On how to surprise others with our creativity. On how to make them feel good with our gifts.

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Although Christmas gifts are very special, there are people who suffer from anxiety as the holidays approach. They want to be certain that what they are going to give away is going to be a success. They want to feel confident that the money they are going to invest will make the people who receive the gift, smile.

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That is why we have thought that a list of tips on what to give at Christmas to surprise and be original can help you.

- Think of everything the person has. This will avoid the possibility of giving him something that he does not really need.
- Think about the character of that person you want to please with a Christmas gift. How is his character? How is his personality? How is his relationship with material objects? How are his real values? Does he prioritize the object to the experience? Does he like handmade things? Is he a person of quantity or quality? How are his dreams? What is he usually surprised with?
- Think about your intention when giving something as a gift. From which place are you carrying out this action? What do you want to convey with this gift? How are your own values? What type of consumption do you feel most comfortable with? Do you want to give objects as gifts? Experiences? Regards? Is sustainability important to you? And the education? Do you like to give things that can add something to that person?

From there, once you have the answers to some of these questions, what to give for Christmas is easier. The range of possibilities is small, allowing you to assess the options offered by the market with more attention and precision.

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To surprise and be original, it is important that beyond the gift, there is a personal touch. This can be a small writing, a drawing, a detail that you know that will remind the other person of a funny situation, a beautiful moment that you have lived together… Sometimes, toys can be a very un option to give to adults. You can accompany them with little funny stories, some nice anecdote... Although it seems unnecessary, a toy can awaken more than you think: pleasant emotions such as innocence, forgotten childhood memories... The person may even feel endearing, excited, sensitive and grateful.

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In the rigid world we live in, remembering from time to time the innocence and purity we once lived in is necessary. Bringing the children's universe closer to adults is very healthy. It allows them to reconnect with their own curiosity, vitality, wonder, and enthusiasm. Therefore, sometimes it is not so important what to give at Christmas, but rather what is your intention when giving something during this holiday.

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From there, and as we have mentioned before, a simple toy can become a surprising experience if you accompany it with something that awakens emotions and sensations. Feelings and memories.

Creativity is part of all human beings. It is a natural quality.

  • Take a deep breath, relax, and let your mind wander.
  • Let the person who is going to receive your gift appear in your mind. Without any kind of control.
  • Probably they will appear next to it, images, colors, memories, emotions... That is what links you to him. Those are the clues you need to create the perfect gift.

From there, anything is pretty and perfect if you do it with love and care.