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Skyline Chess

Founded by two London-based architectural designers, Skyline Chess takes iconic architecture from around the world and pits the greats against each other, bringing impeccable design and gamesmanship into a beautiful set. 

The world's finest chess pieces from Skyline Chess brings a memento of relationships and occasion, combined with an architect's eye for design, leading to the creation of a truly unique take on an ageless game.

The Luxury Chessboard set collection includes the London Stainless Steel Edition, the Metal Dubai Chess set, the Chicago Metal Edition, the New York City Edition and the Paris Metal Edition, all available in Play Offside.

We've carefully selected the chessboard sets looking for such things as weighting, the material it's made from, details, and design. Most sets of chess come in a presentation box.

You can purchase the Skyline Luxury Chessboard Sets Online.