How to care for a football table

A table football table is solid and durable and should therefore be able to be kept for many years (DO NOT BUY CHEAP ONES!). However, to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, it will need to be maintained regularly.

The first thing to do is to respect your equipment. For example, tackles that involve twisting a bar to reach the ball should be banned. Any kind of blows out of anger, any movement that makes your feet creak on the ground should be banned. If a cane is twisted, then it will not slide as well, so it should be taken with the greatest care, even if it seems very solid.

Do not put your glass on a corner of the field and avoid smoking above it. Some stains are difficult to remove, and sometimes we will burn or damage the carpet with our ashes or with corrosive cleaning products. Simply by respecting your equipment in this way, you have already come more than halfway.

Maintaining the bars and handles of your football table

The bars are the sensitive point of a football table. They must always glide perfectly in order to be positioned quickly, to be precise in our movements, to make the game more enjoyable and the handling more comfortable. It is therefore necessary to oil your bars regularly. To do this, we provide ourselves with a burette that allows us to put a few drops on the inside of the bar. It is better to put a drop from time to time rather than too much oil once every 6 months.

Remember to protect the field well with cardboard or cloths to prevent oil from dripping on it. To spread the oil well on the bar, simply go back and forth, pulling it as much as possible towards you and pushing it away.

In the case of a twisted bar, you can put all the oil in your cupboards, it will not solve the problem. You will have to remove it to try to straighten it. It's quite tricky, and never finds a perfectly straight bar. Fortunately, all the manufacturers of quality football tables will be able to sell a replacement. Contact us.

Every 6 months, a complete technical check-up is essential. This simply consists of checking all the screws and bolts of the table football and making sure that everything is perfectly tight: the handles, the players, the feet, the inside of the goals, in short, wherever you see a screw, you try to tighten it a little.

Make sure you always play on a football table that is as straight as possible. If the ball rolls to one side when you put it in the middle, it means that you need to correct the balance. This is really important, because a wobbly foosball will be damaged much faster if it is wobbly. And for the game, it's obviously always more enjoyable and more interesting.

Field cleaning

As we explained above, it is absolutely necessary to banish aggressive products that could alter the gliding quality of the field. A hoover with a brush tip is used to remove dust, and in the case of stains, rub gently with soapy water and a cloth. Balls can leave marks, which are usually easy to remove with an eraser.

In case the field, after many parts and some evenings a little watered, is too deteriorated, you will have the possibility to replace it. You will have to contact us and we will find the replacement you are looking for.

Finally, it is possible that no one will want to use the football table for a few weeks. In this case, don't hesitate to cover it with a protective cover, or even with a simple wooden board on top, to prevent the dust from sticking to the lubricated areas. If this happens, it will quickly become dirty, and cleaning will become much more complicated.