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Art is another dimension of life. It can transmit more than one can express.

We are fascinated by many kind of different arts, but Pop Art has a special part in our hearts. Indeed, the cross-pollination between commerciality and creativity is truly spectacular in Pop Art.

Characters such as Snoopy, Donald Duck and of course Mickey Mouse have become entities within themselves. They have fascinated, fascinate and will continue to fascinate children and adults for generations.

These figurines are little sculptures and the ideal gift for your child or loved one. The figurines are beautiful pieces of art to be treasured for a lifetime or longer. It will remind you of the child within you, of your childhood and the freedom you have as a child, with little obligations and loads of fun.

As you can expect from us, we exclusively work with official manufacturers and creators that offer certificates of authenticity for everything we sell here, so your figurine will come with a guarantee that it adheres to the highest quality standards of fabrication.