T1.1 Biliardo Pool Table 9 feet - Luxury Billiard

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Teckell’s pool tables are a synthesis of innovation and tradition, art and design, technology and craftsmanship.

Available in 25 cloth colors: Apple Green, Yellow Green, English Green, Blue Green, Dark Green, Spruce, Olive Green, Petroleum Blue, Royal Blue, Marine Blue, Electric Blue, Tournament Blue, Powder Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, Wine, Burgundy, Red, Orange, Camel, Gold, Chocolate, Grey, Slate Grey, Black

These one-of-a-kind objects are the result of thinking way outside the box and maximizing the capacity of materials. The light dances across its handcrafted crystal surfaces,  courting you to take up a cue and experience a whole new game. T1.8 presents a minimalism that knows how to have fun. Seriously artistic yet endlessly entertaining.

  • Each table is created using only computer numerical control (CNC) machines which ensure unrivalled precision.
  • Legs made of clear tempered crystal at least 9/16” thick with double-bevel edges.
  • Playing field made of a single sheet of tempered crystal at least 9/16” thick.
  • Simonis® 860 worsted wool playing surface, available in 25 colors.
  • Bases in solid oak which has been ebonized (a reaction that turns black the open pore wood) with a shiny stainless steel/light bronze structure.
  • Polyurethane bumpers.
  • Solid aluminum rails with black anodized finish.
  • Installation of a soundproofing polyurethane layer below the cloth.
  • Classic pockets have been replaced by highly flexible polyurethane pockets that can hold three playing balls and return to their original shape when emptied.

Each table comes with the following accesory set:

  • Four cues: 3 standard cues + 1 cue with 3lobite® joint + 1 3lobite® 30cm extension + 1 Kamui® Stella bridge
  • Game triangle
  • Super Aramith® Pro game balls set (American pool game)
  • Pool cue chalk set

Teckell Tool Kit includes: certificate of authenticity, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product.

Dimensions: 290 x 163 x 82 (length x width x height) – Weight: 400 kg