Smeg Coffee Machine Superautomatic

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The new SMEG SuperAutomatic Coffee Machine will surprise you! It is a wonderful piece of equipment with a fantastic design. Of course it has won many awards.

This coffee machine is available in different colours, but most importantly, it is available with different equipments, one version has a steamer and the other doesnt.

This unique espresso coffee machine grinds your coffee directly giving you the fresh coffee experience you love in your favourite coffee bar. You will be able to choose your favorite roast and bring home the taste and aroma of an authentic espresso.

From the freshly ground beans you can obtain different beverages according to your taste: black coffee, Espresso, Americano or Ristretto coffee. If you go for the steamer option, you can of course make capuccinos, Lattes, and more!

This machine is so easy to use: simply fill the container with your favourite coffee beans and select your beverage. Thanks to the the intuitive control panel and the one touch functions, within a few seconds your coffee will be ready.

This SMEG Coffee machine is also easy to maintain with a removable brewing unit and tank enabling to clean the machine with ease. Finally, the direct grinding of the coffee allows you to avoid the use of capsules, minimizing waste.

The Cappuccino system, by mixing steam, air and milk, creates a dense and creamy foam, perfect for your daily cappuccino. The ability to remove the cup tray makes the espresso machine even more versatile, allowing you to use taller cups as well.

Available in 2 models: With steamer, Without Steamer

Available in 3 styles: White, Black, Red

Dimensions: 14.9 x 32.9 x 33 cm (width x length x height)

Warranty: 2 years

Technical info:
Heating system: Thermoblock
Removable water bucket - capacity: 1.4 litres
Coffee beans capacity: 150g
Pressure: 19bar
Dimensions: 18 x 43 x 33.6 cm (depth x width x height)