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Salt Shaker and Dispenser

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Add a touch of mystery and drama to your dining table with this uniquely designed and experimental salt dispenser and shaker.

Something between a totem and a monolith: it stands on the dining table. Seamless and porous, it calls to mind a perfect piece of moon rock.

Pick up the satisfyingly heavy salt shaker and shake it over your meal, watch as the fine grain salt seems to just emit from the top surface, finding its own way out of the labyrinthine structure.

It can be washed out easily, leaving the mysterious, moon-rock like voids in the volume.

Dimensions: 4,5 x  10 cm

How did and why did Fundamental studio make this strange piece of tableware? They had been shown various techniques of casting aluminium in Russia. By introducing rock salt into the casting process for aluminium, you have an aggregate that resists the 660°c melting point of aluminium ore, and is totally food safe. Better yet, while salt is impervious to heat, it is helpless against water.

Made in Russia.