Juicy Salif Starck Design Aluminium Citrus Squeezer

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This is a very beautiful design everyday product.

Appealing aesthetically, and simple in usage, the Juicy Salif was designed by Philippe Starck and has become probably its most popular product. It is said he designed the product on a pizzeria napkin during a seaside holiday in Italy

After using the product for a while, we recommend the juicy salif mostly for people that add lime and lemon or other citruses in their water. It is a very good product for this type of use. However, do not use the Juicy Salif to make orange juice etc because even though it is its primary function, much better alternatives exist... such as Smeg Citrus Squeezer.

Made in Aluminium and mirror polished.

Dimensions: 13.7 x 30.5 cm (diameter x height)