Olive Burl Luxury Chess Set 50cm Board and Staunton Chessmen 9.5cm King

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Beautiful Olive Burl luxury Chess Set with 50 x 50 cm Chess Board and with Staunton Chessmen with the King topping at 9.5cm.

This unique wooden chess set includes a variety of thoughtfully sourced products.

The chessmen are weighted and feature a 9.5cm King height. 

The Olive Burl Wooden chessboard was handcrafted in Greece by skillful artisans using the Art of Marquetry. It has carefully selected wood veneers, traditional designs and special craftsmanship touch. The playing squares are made from olive burl and oak wood.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

It includes the board, 32 Wooden Staunton Chessmen, Ivory and Brown wood, and a wooden box to pack it all up and store it when not in use.