Luxury Football Table B90 Black Legs and Grey Field

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This beautiful football table allows you to have a version of the B90 with beech wood and natural varnish, and black feet and ramps.

The pitch is grey.

The structure is made from one-piece premium solid beechwood and 100% premium beech laminated wood.

The rods are interchangeable telescopic rods made of ground steel with a hard chrome finish.

The handles are available in black long, but other formats are available so please contact us if you wish to customise further:

The players are made from robust aluminium, attached to the rod with high-resistance screws, Hand-decorated and kiln painted. The standard is red/white vs blue/white, but do let us know if you wish other colours, we are at your disposal:

The goals are made from polished aluminium, the black legs from solid beechwood, and are removable for moving.

It comes with with 6 yellow tainted cork balls, a 5mm hex wrench, a torx wrench and 1 tube of Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic-based oil with PTE. Light assembly required, instructions included. Tools needed: 17mm or adjustable wrench.

Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 95 cm (length x width x height) - Weight: 80 kg