Luxury Air Hockey 4 Player Game Table Double Evo

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Beautiful Air Hockey for 4 players.

The Air Hockey table you already know with more incentives and groundbreaking new designs to play in pairs. Made in Europe. Perfect Air Hockey Table for a cool games room in a resort, bar, restaurant, night club, co-working space, office etc. The coin operation can be taken off if its for free use.

Double Evo 4 Player Air Hockey incorporates sounds and LED lighting to set the trend of the future in sports machines.

Its acrylic playing surface, its advanced printed designs and its light and sound effects place the Double Evo Air Hockey once again as a world reference.

The strength of its structure, its high quality materials, its careful design and its latest generation compressor make it the longest life and lowest maintenance.

It provides maximum fun for users and maximum performance for the operator.

Various coin-op options. Prepaid card system and redemption system available on request. Please contact us for any questions, we will be happy to help you.

It includes 2 orange goalkeepers with protection, 2 yellow goalkeepers with protection, 4 goalie cloth bases, 2 orange tokens, 2 red ball tokens, 2 cosmic tokens, 2 red Rugby tokens.

Dimensions: 175 x 254 x 80 cm (width x length x height) - Weight: 335 kg