Mare Box Ecological Dog Bed Available in 4 Sizes

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This beautiful and luxurious dog bed is the most environmentally friendly dog bed with a cover made from plastic from our oceans, beaches and landfills. Upcycling at its best.

A designer dog bed doesn’t have to cost the Earth. The Mare Dog Bed is made in partnership with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. The cover of this environmentally friendly dog bed is made from certified SEAQUAL® YARN, a unique polyester fibre made from Upcycled Marine Plastic from our oceans, beaches and landfills.

Your dog is guaranteed a heavenly sleep on this environmentally friendly dog bed. The mattress is filled with viscoelastic recycled foam for maximum lying comfort, which optimally adapts to the dog’s body shape. Orthopaedic visco foam is permanently elastic and provides the best possible support for the spine and relief for the joints. Sturdy foam side panels support the head and ensure that the bed stays in shape even with regular use. The interior cushion is made 60% cotton and 40% recycled polyester, and the exterior 100% recyled polyesters.

Available in 4 Sizes: S, SM, M, L

Dimensions: S: 44 x 30 cm; SM: 51 x 36 cm; M: 62 x 43 cm; L: 92 x 64 cm (width x length)

An original dog bed designed to complement any interior style.