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Wooden Doll House

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A good looking and classical wood doll house set that guarantees loads of fun.

Made from solid wood and painted with non-toxic water based paints, this wooden doll house will be a pleasure to see in your childs room, living room or games room.

Already included in the final price come 19 pieces of funiture and decoration accessories: a table, chair, bank, 3 small pads,1 large pillow, lamp, closet, fishbowl, television, plant, washbasin, mirror, bath, toilet, 2 vegetable gardens, 6 balcony boxes and  a sticker sheet.

The stickers will help your child decorate the doll house in their own unique way!

The house features cute blue shutters and a blue roof which can be removed to show the second floor of the doll house and let your child show you what he/she has been up to.

Dimensions:  43 x 24.5 x 57 cm (length x depth x height)