Smart Design & Quality Luxury Cat Litter Sito

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This beautifully designed luxury cat litter will be a pleasure to have in any home. This is not only a modern and discreet place for your cat to take care of their personal business, but it can also be used as a seat, by adding our cushion.

A contemporary cat litter box that works as part of your interior décor. Made with an innovative aluminium casing which makes it strong and functional enough to also to be used as a storage area or a place to sit on.

Inside, is a compostable insert that is custom-made to fit the box, offering enough space for your cat to turn, scratch and take care of business, while keeping the litter neatly inside the box and saving you time with cleaning.

Sito is groundbreaking with its contemporary design, functionality and materials – it is a must-have accessory for any modern cat owner.

Refill sets of the insert for the Sito Cat Litter can be purchased here.

The optional seating cushion can be purchased here.