Wooden Horned Design Sledge with Comfortable Seat Available in 2 Sizes

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This beautiful wooden sled with a comfy seat is made for the perfect times with loved ones in the snow.

This traditional horned toboggan or sledge or sled (all terms work by the way) is handcrafted in Germany according to ancient traditions and old craftsmanship rules.

The solid wood bending technique used gives each wooden sled the unmistakable character of a unique specimen.

All wooden parts are made of solid ash wood, which has a very high elasticity. The toboggan is then treated with a varnish that complies with the European toy directive, and is sustainable.

In this wooden luxury sledge the seat surface is made of a high-quality, weather-resistant polypropylene belt mesh. It gives the sledge a cool, twisty modern look, and makes it very comfortable for longer rides with children for example.

The ash wood is used to make this sledge last a very long time and be passed on between generations. A toboggan to be treasured and enjoyed, both visually and physically to have fun in the snow!

This sledge is available in 2 sizes: 100; 115 cm (length) - The 115cm sits 3 persons upright.

This wooden sledge also exists with a wooden seating area, but just as beautiful.