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Bold Luxury Chess Set with Hand-Carved Wooden Pieces

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Very high-end Bold Chess Set (Board and Pieces). Metallic Black v Metallic Arctic White.

The pieces are hand-carved from wood and gloss-lacquered. King height 10.2cm. Base diameter 4.8cm. Weight 75g.

Black Anegre, Bird’s-eye Maple, Boxwood, lacquer, Italian Nappa leather, 18 carat gold chess board.

Dimensiones of the board: 55 x 55 cm

Painted & assembled in London, England. Made by PURLING LONDON GAMES which have been exhibited at Christie’s, Saatchi Gallery and the World Chess Hall of Fame. Many have been the choice of royalty, renowned interior designers, art collectors and chess Grandmasters. Every Chess set is assembled and hand-finished in London, England.