B90 ITSF Official Competition Football Table - Foosball

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B90 ITSF is the only French professional competition football table approved by the International Federation for all major national and international competitions.

In France, the FFFT manages football table - Fédération Française de Football de Table - and more than forty countries in the world have their own federations gathered in the ITSF - International Table Soccer Federation - whose aim is to promote the development of this sport in the world and to gather around it players from all continents.

Bonzini is the main partner of the FFFT since its creation and offers one of the 5 official international tables approved by the International Federation, the B90 ITSF model.

This model is the result of an important research and development work carried out in 2007 at the request of the ITSF Federation to the 5 partner manufacturers. The aim was to bring together the different tables and international styles of play in order to welcome the greatest number of nations around this discipline while preserving the identity and specificity of each model of table football.

The B90 ITSF Official Competition Football Table model has:
- blonde color cabinet with a red rail
- black legs with heavy steel crossbeam
- unlined green playfield
- standard color figurines with feet unpainted and milled
- teams are one red and white the other blue and white
- scoring bead in red white and blue
- black USA handles
- official ITSF license affixed to the table

Please note the picture with the stickers is only to preview the model used in competitions, but the official home model has black legs and no stickers, yet includes all the other features that make it an official competition football table.

It comes with with 6 yellow tainted cork balls, a 5mm hex wrench, a torx wrench and 1 tube of Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic-based oil with PTE. Light assembly required, instructions included. Tools needed: 17mm or adjustable wrench.

Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 95 cm (length x width x height) - Weight: 103 kg

Compulsory equipment of the Official B90-ITSF

1. An official competition licence placed on the B90 ITSF table and issued by the Federation.
2. Increased stability by 2 steel foot crossbars to make the table 23 kg heavier.
3. Better lateral ball control due to unpainted and milled player's feet on the 2 lateral sides.
4. Optimal levelling of the table and adjustment of its height thanks to the 4 feet equipped with cylinders.
5. Specific 3-colour point markers: 5 red and 3 blue for the points and 2 white for the games for one team and vice versa for the other team.