2 in 1 Combo Game Chess & Backgammon Set

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Gorgeous Classic Style 2 in 1 Chess and Backgammon combo Game in a Wenge Wooden Case.

Boasting a Classic Artwork and including all pieces to play (chessmen and checkers), this beautiful 2 in 1 Combo game is a luxurious update on th two most iconic family board games. All pieces are nicely stored inside the box when not in use.

The chessmen design is simple yet inspired and very similar to the original Staunton design. A marvelous 2 in 1 game that will bring style and joy into your home.

Dimensions of the board 41 x 41 (length x width)

It includes 32 wooden Chessmen and 32 wooden backgammon checkers, 4 Dice and 1 doubling cube.