Tips to buy the best table football

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Tips to buy the best table football

Discover some tips to buy the best table football

To buy the best football table, you must take into account some aspects. In addition to being a game instrument that creates a good atmosphere and fun moments, table football also develops skills such as agility, concentration or efficiency. It is, therefore, a fun and educational product.

What better way than to develop your mental skills by playing, enjoying and sharing moments with your friends and family!

For the enjoyment to be totally pleasant, it is important to buy the best table football. Below we explain certain aspects that you must take into account when purchasing this game.


What kind of table football do you want to buy?

Although all the football tables follow the same structure, there are different models depending on the characteristics that make up each one of them.

There are the child friendly foosball tables with specific dimensions of the little ones in the house and that are often, many times, tabletop. This type of table football is ideal to store in its own box and take it out only when the children want to play: by this way it does not take up space in your home.

There are also folding foosball tables, those whose legs are folded to optimize space and store it in any corner without disturbing or cluttering. Some have wheels, which allows children to move it freely and thus learn to order the things they use. Remember that playing is also educating. You have a whole article talking about how children's toys can have learnings for a young child. We don't recommend foldable football tables as they are usually not made to last.

On the other hand, if you are a great fan of table football, the ideal is to buy a professional one. Of those that are heavy and large; one of those who need a special corner in your home. There are also some that are specially designed to endure any climatic event: these are the professional outdoor football tables.


Once you have identified the table football that best aligns with your real needs, taking into account the size, weight, format... It is time to take a look at its materials.

If the table football is for young children, it is important to buy one that is well leveled, with a ball that moves with fluidity. These must be comfortable and easy to operate, since the little ones do not have as much strength as the adults.

On the other hand, there are the professional football tables, made with top quality materials. They are usually large wooden structures, very robust, with levelers on the legs for greater shock absorption. When buying a quality football table, see if they offer greater resistance to deterioration over time. And above all, take a look to the accessories: the metal bars with handles, the 22 players, the balls to score goals and move the manual marker, and the balls to start playing.


If you are a great fan of table football, always avoid plastic, as the games in these formats are not of high quality: opt for wood, a wood laminate or metal. Another key factor in the game is the ball: it can be made of wood, plastic, metal, cork or marble. The best option are those that have semi-soft textures, because the players have better control when stepping on the ball.

Now that you have at your disposal these keys to buy the best football table, enjoy it and share it. Nothing is more fun than playing with your loved ones.