Beautiful Outdoor Shower Design by Tradewinds

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Beautiful Outdoor Shower Design by Tradewinds

The summer is upon us.

If you are planning a staycation, is there a way to enjoy the summer days in your own backyard? 

This post will present you with the best showers for your garden or pool area, from minimal design to a very classical look. All these outdoor showers are easy to install, do not worry about plumbers or reading complicated setup instructions.

At PlayOffside we work only with the best and right now we want to present you the trending designer of outdoor living products Tradewinds Atelier. Their work often blends the traditional craftsmanship and new technology to let you install and use their products easily.

Authentic Craftmanship

Tradewinds's primary motivation when creating the most convenient and beautiful design outdoor living products is the art of living. They reshape used and distributed products to make life-lasting products and preserve their real purpose. We love this at

Best modern design outdoor shower:
Cascade Outdoor Shower With Acacia Tray

A freestanding outdoor shower is easy to move wherever you want; you will often spot this outdoor shower on patios, and decks. The Cascade shower is a great way to rinse off or relax.

Cascade Outdoor Shower Design Tradewinds

You can connect this shower to a garden hose or place it closer to a water supply for hot and cold water. A discreet tube regulates the pressure and the horizontal showerhead provides a sheer waterfall curtain that will make you feel you are in nature. The frame is made of acacia wood that is set on a couple of nylon gliders, which is resistant to rot and lets you move the shower.

Best freestanding design outdoor shower:
Fieldshowr Outdoor Shower

If you value practical living products that look amazing, this semi-portable outdoor shower can provide you with that. One of our absolute favorites outdoor showers by Tradewinds Atelier, the Fieldshower was designed to be easy to move and adaptable, its head can be used both as a traditional shower but also to rinse dirty shoes and boots if placed downwards. So, you know your house is going to be clean when lunch is ready.

Fieldshowr Luxury Outdoor Shower Tradewinds

The pedal is made of iron tubes and stainless steel, allowing you to plant firmly in many soils and connect easily to a garden hose or the closest water supply connection. This is a very practical outdoor shower that can be used by the pool, farms, or anywhere else you need a quick rinse for the day.

Best portable design outdoor shower:
Wellwell Portable Garden Shower

Sleek, modern, and easy to carry, this fully portable outdoor shower features a minimalist design made of Robinia wood, the Wellwell is the newest outdoor shower concept by Tradewinds Atelier. It creates the same cascade effect as the Cascade Outdoor Shower but inversely springs water from the earth upwards. The connection cannot be easier: a quick connection to a garden hose.

WellWell Minimalist Outdoor Shower Tradewinds

It’s a great outdoor shower option for outdoor enthusiasts, because of its compact dimension in comparison to the other options, this outdoor shower was designed for the go, you can take it to your summer house with you and have your own luxury outdoor shower. Note that this shower requires a pressure of 2Kg to create the magical cascade experience, you can control the pressure of water with the pedal.

If you want something more adaptable to summer season yet portable then we recommend the FIELDSHOWR which is more classic in design yet super flexible. All options are solid and are built to last a lifetime or longer!

At we only work with the best home designer labels to offer high-quality products for daily use. Discover the luxury outdoor collection to make the most out of your patio this year.