Candylab Cars: Timeless Wooden Toy Cars

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Candylab Cars: Timeless Wooden Toy Cars

Most kids remember evenings spent with younger siblings on the floor with nothing but a few toy cars and lots of creative obstacles they’d set up to create the most exciting story to liven up the world around them.

Nowadays, it seems like few toys still have room for the creative aspect of childhood play. But Candylab cars, has made it its mission to change all that.

If you’ve never heard of Candylab toys, you aren’t going to be disappointed with these cool wooden toys.

Pulled out of some dark corner of an attic in Brooklyn, this startup seemed to want to keep the spirit of the childhood mentioned above.

Candylab cars is a small company made of gearheads, engineers, and parents. Their moto it’s simple “awesome wood cars”, the collection from Candylab stand out from the toy cars market with their retro wooden and colorful designs.

You’re going to want them for your desk kids… or yours!

Let’s face it. Candylab make simple yet stylish wooden cars that you might want to have one by your side too.

Their bodies are abstract but still recognizable representations of vintage cars’ design. Top-tier wooden toys shouldn’t be reserved for luxury status, the brand makes clear that everyone should be able to get a beautiful and high-quality toy for a symbolic price tag.

The first Candylab cars series include spins on American muscle cars, 1960s Camaros, Mustangs, and a Plymouth Fury-like police cruiser thrown in for good measure.

The newest series from Candylab is called “Candycar” these tiny cars still remain rooted in yesteryear. This collection includes vintage design cars, trucks, RVs & buses, food truckers, and new accessories to keep all your Candylab Cars organized, such as the magnetic garage.

You can compare the sizes of these series in Candylab Cars Scale.

Our customers’ favorite Candylab Cars

Candylab Beach Bus

A contemporary bus with glamorous 60s vibes. Take the Candylab beach bus to the Pacific Coast and enjoy a weekend by the beach. This beautiful wooden car pairs well with the Malibu beach tower, the perfect accessory to complete the scenery.

Candylab Beach Wooden Bus


It’s magnetic construction allows for a 3-in-1 configuration, it can be a pick-up, a van or a camper.

Dimensions L16.5 x W9.3  x H8.1 cm

Drifter Kodiak 4x4 Wooden Car

No wonder why we call the Drifter “the adventurer”, it comes equipped for the most challenging roads. There’s no obstacle that could stop it. The Candylab drifter makes the perfect gift idea for adventure lovers.

It comes with a shovel, dual jerry cans for long road trips in the wild, and a spare wheel. Note: Recommended for children aged 3 years old + 

Dimensions: L16.5 x W9.3 x H8.1 cm

Candylab Police Car

There’s always a part of us that will hold close to hear the old-world vibe, filled with details that never go out of style the Candylab Police car is no an exception. 



It’s vintage design will make us nostalgic about the good ol’ days and how we spent hours watching action films. 

Dimensions: L18.3 x W7.3 x H5 cm

Candylab Woodie

The most classic of the classic toy cars from the collection. It’s the perfect car for a short road trip with the family to the beach.


Don’t worry about the surfboard, it will make it to the destination. It has a magnet embedded in the roof that will keep it safe no matter how crazy the trip goes.

Dimensions: L8.3 x W7.3 x H5 cm

Pioneer classic 4x4 truck

This superb truck will make your children fall in love with vintage cars’ designs while promoting the adventurous spirit.  The iconic shape, magnetic canoe, beefy new tires, everything screams ADVENTURE!


We must mention one caution about these cars...

You’ll want to keep a  Candylab car for yourself.

We invite you to discover the extensive Candylab cars collection where you’ll find the bestsellers and accessories to pair with.